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Technology also capricious: Feng Kai was identified as industry R & D center

2015/7/20 20:36:14 Hit:2839
March 17, China Textile Machinery Association announced the third batch of Chinese textile machinery industry, product research and development center assessment results, a total of five companies to get the title, Guangdong Feng Kai Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of them, identified as "rapier weaving Product R & D center. " This is also the company following the Chinese Feng Kai Textile Industry Association, "product development Contribution Award", and an important national industry awards "Textile Light" Technology Award later.
It is understood that R & D center is declared by the China Textile Machinery Association, is an enterprise in the textile industry in the production process of certain products as an object of research and development institutions, which honored standards require reporting companies have strong technical innovation, technology progress of significant achievements, have an important demonstration and guidance role. Feng Kai as China's textile machinery industry is the backbone of key enterprises, the production of smart weaving equipment has reached domestic leading level, rapier's market share has for many years ranked first in the domestic similar products, this has been identified R & D center for the rapier, indeed deserved. As early as January 21, "a product development center," the review panel came to China Textile Machinery Association FENGKAI company conducted field visits and on-site assessment, detailed knowledge of Feng Kai's R & D, testing, production, marketing and other aspects of and visited Feng Kai R & D laboratories, production plants, quality testing room, technology centers and other field offices. After inspection, evaluation experts agree that FENGKAI company with high research and development capabilities, production capacity and management level, given the high degree of recognition. Meanwhile, also on the future direction of technology development company FENGKAI suggestions and comments, Feng Kai hope the company can develop and upgrade the technology industry to make greater contribution.
As a high-tech enterprise, Feng Kai company always adhere to technological innovation, and the dimension of the establishment of a research and innovation mechanism. With strong technical strength, Feng Kai company has been identified as the Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Research and Development Center (Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department identified in 2006), Guangdong Province Enterprise Technology Center (Economic and Information Commission of Guangdong Province in 2009 identified) based on the unit, Today, China Textile Machinery Association was recognized as "Rapier product research and development center," these are all the authority finds proof FENGKAI company's R & D capability and technological level.