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BestMax J(B) 高速剑杆提花织机




Main drive

Driven directly by Permanent magnet synchronous super servo motor, .As actual output torque load, Max torque is upgraded by 10%,together with advanced Vector control technology,which can not only improve loom performance,also achieve energy-saving.

weft insertion

By Space 4 Linkrod structure, drive rapier wheel reciprocating motion by sector gear. Insert weft at left,handover in mid, Using wide rapier tape special for fine fabric weaving.

Beating up

Conjugate cam on mid body of machine,and Separate slay,Strengthen the rigidity of beating up and increase the beating up force. Moving balance is better for high speed weaving.


Electronic Jacquard,driven by individual servo motor or by vertical shaft.

Let off/take up

Servo Electronic Let off, Digital closed-loop control constant tension weaving, steady tension from full to empty beam.Servo Electronic Take up,Density-change weaving

AUTO pick finding

Accurate action to find weft then ensure there is no wrong pattern in fabric, helping to eliminate the starting mark.

control system

Adopting 32 bit microcomputer control. Loom auto stop when weft breakage ,warp breakage,empty weft,multi weft and positioning stop. Automatically detect and display error. Group control management, remote control, on-line diagnosis.

lubricating & Cooling

Drive oil way by single oil pump motor.Closed forced circulation lubrication system and Forced water cooling system,forced lubrication and cooling functions, ensure the machine normal temperature rise.


190cm210 cm220 cm250 cm260 cm280 cm300 cm320 cm340 cm360 cmEach selvage can be reduced by 30cm.Both selvage can be adjusted by 60cm in all

Suitable weaving range


Optimal speed


Weft density

3-200 pick/cm